Made in 1999, but you speak such good English is a half hour documentary, which explores different aspects of the first generation Iranian immigrant experience from the insider's perspective. The film focuses on the younger generation, who has very few memories of their country, and yet feels an undeniable pull towards identifying themselves as Iranians. The film is a fast paced and above all very entertaining look at the issues of ethnicity and separation told from the point of view of four dynamic and funny characters, including the stand-up comic, Omid Djalili.

but you speak such good English is the first documentary of this kind to focus on the Iranian population in London. The Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979 resulted in approximately 2 million Iranians leaving the country, of which approximately 40,000 have settled in the UK. This film offers an important opportunity to show another side to a community whose people are only ever portrayed by the media in a one dimensional way.

The film uses the tool of comedy to convey the more serious aspects of the immigrant experience in an accessible and palatable way. With lyrical sequences of dream-like Super 8 and music coupled with often touching interview material, the film offers an eye-opening look at a very private community.


Duration 00:25:00

Language English

Country of Production UK

Viewing Copy DVD/VHS Pal

Screening/Exhibition Format Digibeta Pal

Picture Colour

Screenings & Broadcasts

August 1999
St John's International Women's Film & Video Festival, Newfoundland, CANADA

August 1999
Bite The Mango Film Festival, Bradford, UK

September 1999
International Exile Film Festival, Stockholm, SWEDEN

October 1999
Sheffield International Documentary Festival, UK

February 2000
"Association des Chercheurs Iraniens" Conference, University of London, UK

March 2000
omen in the Director's Chair, Chicago, USA

May 2000
3rd Biennial SIS Film Festival, Washington D.C., USA

May 2000
Open Tent, 2nd Annual Middle East Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA

September 2000
1st Vancouver Iranian Film & Video Festival, Vancouver, CANADA - Winner of Festival Director's Merit Award

October 2000
Kinofilm 2000 Film Festival, Manchester, UK

November 2000
17th Annual MESA FilmFest, Orlando, USA

May 2001
Unveiled Lives: Women in Iranian Cinema, Barbican Centre, London, UK


Funded by Iran Heritage Foundation.