In Chodzenie-Siberia, 30 Bird combine their unique visual approach with an exciting blend of contemporary dance choreographed by Tom Dale, a conference of diners and a landscape of film imagery. The audience are invited into a re-imagined, forgotten world full of broken narratives written on place cards and diners eating their way through Pierogi with Borst and Sholeh Zard (Saffron rice pudding). Performers  appear and disappear from amongst the audience reflecting the transient nature of long journeys carrying with them a sense of restriction and Claustrophobia experienced by Poles who were carted like sheep to Siberia from Poland.

2009 was the first proper outing of Chodzenoe-Siberia which went on to develop for another two years in Chodzenie 10 and as an independent project at the Imagine-Watford Festival in 2011.


Sponsored by Arts Council England, Polish Cultural Institute and Southend Council. Supported by Hungry Arts.