For Droga, Polish born performance and visual artist Ania Bas led walks in and around Southend with collaborators Laura Trevail and John Alexander Borley, inspired by the rounding up of Polish citizens from their houses by the Soviet Army. The Polish citizens were given a very short amount of time to pack essentials only and board a train. The walks explore the moment of arrival to the new place.

The walks involved carrying bags filled with sand through Southend and onto its man made beach.  Participants  explored the city with its various characteristics, stopped for breaks in different locations and finally deposited the sand on the beach.

Droga emulates the Situationist notion of discovering a city through walking without mapping out a detailed pre-determined journey, allowing the architecture and structure of the city to reveal and present itself to the passer by.



Sponsored by Arts Council England, Polish Cultural Institute and Southend Council. Supported by Hungry Arts.