This was Chodzenie-Siberia's second outing, this time bringing together the military truck, the work of Chris Dobrowolski and the mobile architecture of public works. In response to the previous year's version, it was thought that although visually the site specific piece was very effective, in terms of participation it failed to engage the audience enough. Audience members tended to stand back and lean against the walls after an initial inspection of various elements in the space, resuming their role as passive spectators. In this version, the truck itself became a magnet to the public outside, on the high street. The project became an outdoor one and it offered three participatory experiences, where the audience had to climb up the truck to explore and see. Although this was an early prototype of the 2011 version at the Imagine-Watford Festival, it was very successful in providing a structure facilitating the participation of the public.


Funded by Arts Council England, Polish Cultural Institute and Southend Council. Supported by Hungry Arts.