Dance, fruit, film and music, Chodzenie-Siberia is a surprise encounter performed on and around a military truck. Climb aboard and discover a world where things aren't always what they seem.

"You can't imagine", Mrs Nowak keeps saying, as if it's impossible to convey what she experienced during her journey from Poland to Siberia and then to Iran. Chodzenie-Siberia does not try to re-create an historic event. It's more a re-surfacing of memories, which emerge as fragments or become distorted through objects, food and other things we use in our everyday life. In Chodzenie-Siberia the past raises its head in the present and the mundane acquires an epic dimension. it's not so much to big political events or even the war irself that stand out, it is more the repetition of everyday habits - the basic building bloc of human existence - that symbolise this unlikely journey across half the globe.

By bringing together practitioners from performance, architecture, visual arts, dance, music and sound design, 30 Bird has created a surreal wold where things aren't always what they seem.

Chodzenie-Siberia was developed over a two year period 2009-2011, with support from Hungry Arts and Watford Palace Theatre. It was performed at the Imagine-Watford Festival, 30 June - 2 July 2011

Chodzenie-Siberia is a collaboration between 30 Bird and public works.


Funded by Arts Council England and the Polish Cultural Institute. Supported by Imagine-Watford and Watford Palace Theatre.