The Stage
11 Feb 1998

“30 Bird Productions has unearthed a short and fascinating piece of Iranian history for its second play…The Company is one to watch”

Andrew Aldridge

What’s On
10 Feb 1998

For Westerners, to whom Iran means little more these days than fundamentalism and fatwas, the society Seyf presents is an unexpected one: secular, internationally aware, cosmopolitan. For modern Londoners, Seyf’s dialogue and distinctive visual style are immediately accessible…Culminating in a stirring final scene in which Minou aids the suicide of her tortured husband, the play is a tribute to those who survived Iran’s era of revolt as much as an elegy to those who died under it….An elegant account of a little known piece of history, Death by Heroine deserves attention.

Robert Lloyd Parry

Time Out
09 Feb 1998

It’s an earnest and worthwhile endeavour, leavened by an epic love affair and enriched by innovative cinematic staging. At first Leslie Travers’s clean and clever set design, a wide, diminishing series of gauze boxes, seems unnecessarily distracting. But as they slide noiselessly into different configurations throughout the show, these screen’s enhance the sense of individual lives trapped by events beyond their control, in a country caught up in a cold war Middle-Eastern brinkmanship…A brave and thought provoking piece of political theatre on an interesting and underexposed subject”

Charles Godfrey-Fausset