Domestic Labour: A Study in Love

War, bicycles and the withdrawal method

A love story between a man and a woman, East and West, about the mundane and the monumental, the dust behind the bed and the Iranian baby boom.

A love story revealing tales about past girlfriends, marriages, Islamic law and Brigitte Bardot - as the man and his absent wife negotiate the very domestic battle over who does the washing up.

Writer, Mehrdad Seyf and visual artist Chris Dobrowolski reinterpret the physical functions or everyday household appliances and the power games of equality.

Domestic Labour: A Study in Love is performing at The Place in London on 25 July before going up to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival opening at Summerhall from 1 to 23 August.

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Commissioned by and developed at The Bush Theatre supported by Cambridge Junction and using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.