Junctures Commissions Call Out

As recipients of the Arts Council Elevate fund, 30 Bird is delighted to offer three commissions to artists who are interested or already engaged in transcultural interdisciplinary performance.

We are seeking pairs or groups of collaborators from different disciplines with an idea for a live performance event. The call out is open to applications from any field but must include an artist and a practitioner from any other discipline (live sciences, landscape gardening, medicine, gastronomy, social sciences, education, architecture etc). Applications are welcome from the UK and from artists based outside the UK.

Working closely with 30 Bird, the successful teams will be offered a £2K commission, a week’s residency and the opportunity to research and develop an idea to be showcased at Junctures, an interdisciplinary event at the Cambridge Junction in March 2018.

We are very pleased to announce our shortlisted applicants for Junctures Commissions:

  • Rob Young & Professor Bernie Carter
  • Zoi Dimitriou &Takehiko Kariya
  • Flora Bradwell & Chris Ilankovan
  • Daniela Contreras López & Edison Cájas González
  • Andrew Stooke & Wenjing Wang
  • Anna Brownsted & Dr. Emily Stevenson, John Mead and Will Heasman
  • Ellie Harrison & Xina Gooding Broderick

Fantastic applications! 

This is our final deliberation time for Junctures Commissions. Thank you for all the thought provoking presentations from our shortlisted candidates @ Toynbee Hall, London. We will announce our final decision very shortly #Juncturescommissions

Click here to watch Mehrdad talk about the commissions call out.

Click here to see video transcript.


We would love to hear from artists and their collaborators who:
• Demonstrate a passion for interdisciplinary work as process and outcome
• provide engaging, innovative and alternative ideas
• Demonstrate a commitment to work of a high standard
• Demonstrate a commitment to diversity and transcultural practice

What do we mean by interdisciplinary and transcultural?

By interdisciplinary performance we refer to work that emerges out of a dialogue between artists and practitioners from other disciplines, with both parties prepared to step outside their comfort zones in order to discover new contents and new forms.
The transcultural aspect of the call out puts emphasis on diversity, questioning binaries such as “black and white", "disabled- non-disabled", “developed - developing world" to mention a few. Instead we champion diversity in the context of work that is prepared to step outside those binaries and challenge disciplines that relegate “unfamiliar and uncomfortable” contents to a minority status.

Click here to watch a short film about Home in the Service of Science the most recent 30 Bird project in collaboration with public works, as part of an artist residency at The MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology.