Iran: no booze, no sex, no techno?

Majnoun blasts the Western image of Iran through the roof in a surreal and comic collision of images, music and text. 30 Bird exposes the relationship between Iran and the West, the role of women, the veil and the modernisation that swept the country during the 20th Century. A soundscape of popular Iranian and English music, a non-narrative structure, and sculptural design reflect the fragmented results of the peculiar marriage between modernism and tradition.

Majnoun was performed at Riverside Studios for a three week run in 2004.

National Tour 2006:

Majnoun toured the following venues during April and May 2006:

Traverse Theatre - Edinburgh

Lyric Hammersmith - London

The Junction - Cambridge

The Hawth - Crawley

Exeter Phoenix - Exeter

Phoenix Arts - Leicester

Brewery Arts - Kendal

Birmingham Repertory Theatre - Birmingham


Funded by Arts Council England, Esmee Fairbairn Foundation and Iran Heritage Foundation.