Plastic is on the road. It has traveled from a brewery in Edinburgh 08 to a tent in Southend's Village Green fesival in September 09, onto the the magnificent Victoria Baths in Manchester and now it is here in the Whitechapel Gift Shop. With each site, its nature goes through changes, sometimes it's bigger, sometimes smaller, sometimes it's a full performance, sometimes an installation. As a multi-disciplinary piece, it's fluid, happy to abandon itself to the demands of a new site. Hopefully it will never stop changing and growing, it will remain difficult to pin down.

Plastic is not really a finished piece, nor can it ever become one. It can only inhabit one space at a time and change shape again and again. It offers the opportunity to its creators and its audiences to be part of an ongoing experiment with architecture, neurosis and gender. 


Funded by Arts Council England and Iran Heritage Foundation.