Made in 2008 by Mehrdad Seyf, Shoes is a short film inspired by the city of Cambridge and also by how a city landscape can be altered by a man and a woman walking through identical locations. The film is informed by the situationist notion of unplanned walks in a city to experience and discover its architecture. It also plays with the notion of ambiguity in gender representation through hundreds of pairs of shoes, city landscapes and walking. Notable landscapes in the film are: the Mill Road Cemetry, Parkers Piece and Cambridge Junction.


Duration 00:02:00

Country of Production UK

Production Format DV tape

Viewing Copy DVD/VHS Pal

Screening/Exhibition Format DVD Mpeg 4

Aspect Ratio 16:9

Picture Colour

Screenings & Broadcasts

BBC Look East 17/07/08


Funded by Arts Council England, Escalator Shorts and BBC East.