The year is 1906 or so it seems. The Iranian Monarchy is about to succumb to the will of the people. The Constitutional Revolution is gaining pace and the establishment of the first parliament is imminent. Witty and haunting, The Persian Revolution is a modern-day take on the gripping events surrounding the establishment of the first secular parliament in the Middle East. America lands on the moon whilst an Islamic cleric searches the skies for God. In a corner of Tehran a child avidly reads the adventures of Tintin and the Vaudeville halls of London rowdily greet the majestic Shah. The sound of the Revolution approaches as the East awakens and takes its first tentative steps towards democracy.

2007 National Tour

The Persian Revolution toured the following venues in October, November and December 2007:

Warwick Arts Centre - Coventry

Phoenix Arts - Leicester

Unity Theatre - Liverpool

Oval House Theatre - London

The Junction - Cambridge

Traverse Theatre - Edinburgh

The Hawth - Crawley

Birmingham Repertory Theatre - Birmingham


Funded by Arts Council England and Iran Heritage Foundation.