In 1976 the best ever Polish football team played against arguably the best ever Iranian football team in the Montreal Olympics.


This match featured the world renowned players Tomaszewski, Lato and Deyna for Poland as well as for Iran the great Ali Parvin nicknamed "The Sultan". Such a clash of talent led to a memorable game with Poland edging to a 3-2 win.


In a humorous performance, Chris Dobrowolski and Mehrdad Seyf discuss football, revolution, swimming chess, love and Subbuteo aided by footage from the match and stills of their family histories from the present day to the WWII.


Poland 3 Iran 2 truly captured how much two people from seemingly completely different backgrounds both have in common, locally and internationally.


"Pitch-perfect... a tender cross between a performance lecture, football match, slideshow and art installation, performers Mehrdad Seyf and Chris Dobrowolski completely won over a packed Ipswich pub of children and adults alike." Whatsonstage


"Poland 3 Iran 2 was one of the best things I've seen this year." Andrew Haydon, Theatre Editor for Culture Wars


Created and performed by: Mehrdad Seyf and Chris Dobrowolski


Funded by: Arts Council England, Polish Cultural Institute, Escalator East to Edinburgh, Iran Heritage Foundation, British Council Amsterdam and The Amsterdam Fringe.

Supported by Lakeside Theatre, University of Essex, Colchester.