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Tue 17 Oct @ Cambridge Junction
7.15 pm

If you like to think outside the box…

After over 10 years of interdisciplinary practice, projects and the high profile residency at MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, 30 Bird is launching UN-FRAMED, the first think tank dedicated to interdisciplinary and transcultural practice in the UK.

In this first public event, UN-FRAMED will showcase the work of interdisciplinary & transcultural practitioners, including scientists, architects and artists through presentations, provocations and discussions , raising crucial questions about the creative process at the heart of interdisciplinarity.

Highlights include:

- Introduction to the think tank
- Presenting our Junctures Commissions winners & their interdisciplinary projects: Zoi Dimitriou & Sachiko Horiguchi; Rob Young & Bernie Carter; Daniela Contreras López & Edison Cajas
- Politics vs Aesthetics: Torange Khonsari & Mehrdad Seyf
- LMB/30 Bird Commission winner: Gareth Bloomfield with Waste Paper Opera
- LMB scientists ideas/presentations/installations: Mohammad Mofatteh, Danielle Mersch and Ester Vazquez Fernandez

Join us for the evening and help shape our future.

Book online.

UN-FRAMED is open to all.

The list of the UN-FRAMED collaborators and participants is expanding and currently includes:

Mehrdad Seyf
30 Bird Artistic Director

Lia Prentaki

Chris Cellier
Photographer; 30 Bird company manager

Sholeh Johnston
Cultural consultant

Torange Khonsari
public works

Hassan Mahamdallie
Playwright; Senior Policy Maker and Workshop Leader

Orkideh Behrouzan
School of Oriental and African studies

Daniela Contreras Lopez
(Junctures Commission)
Performer and Researcher (Santiago, Chile)

Edison Cajas
(Junctures Commission)
Film maker (Santiago, Chile)

Daniel Brine
Director Cambridge Junction

Javaad Alipour
Artistic Director of Northern Lines

Rob Young
(Junctures Commission)

Bernie Carter
Professor of Children’s nursing at Edge Hill University, Omskirk
(Junctures Commission)

Bojana Jankovic
Co-founder of There There

Ester Vazquez Fernandez
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Danielle Mersch
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Mohammad Mofatteh
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Gareth Bloomfield
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
(LMB/30 Bird commission)

Tara Fatehi
Live Artist

Pouya Ehsai
Composer/Sound Designer

Zoi Dimitriou
choreographer , conceptual artist
(Junctures Commission)

Sachiko Horiguchi
Associate Professor of Anthropology Temple University, Tokyo
(Junctures commission)

Pepa Ubera


We just had our UN-FRAMED Think Tank meeting @ the Skip Garden, Kings Cross, on 12.09.17

This was our third meeting about interdisciplinary and transcultural performance, bringing artists, scientists, anthropologists and architects together to talk about the UN-FRAMED Think Tank and its future.

Thanks for everyone who attended. You can still join!

Find out more about the Think Tank on the 17 Oct at the Junction, Cambridge: https://www.junction.co.uk/un-framed

ThinkTankMeeting12.09.17 (8 of 13)-3

Presenting our selected Junctures Commissions (1/3): THE VILLA PROJECT

In Chile the Junta converted residential houses and villas into detention centres where opposition activists were tortured.

Edison Cajas (film maker) and Daniela Contreras (performer and researcher) explore the relationship between architecture and memory through the unique landscape of residential buildings where domesticity sat side by side with torture in the living room, the kitchen and the bedroom.

The Villa Project combines performance and audiovisual footage to cast a third generation perspective on the Chilean dictatorship and its persistent effects on the present day.

Daniela & Edison (Villa Project)

30 Bird Junctures Commissions: as a recipient of the Arts Council Elevate fund, 30 Bird has commissioned three new transcultural & interdisciplinary projects involving artists and collaborators outside of the arts. The results of their joint creation will be showcased at our JUNCTURES event at the Junction, Cambridge, on 24 March 18. #Juncturescommissions

We’re recruiting!

Experienced Fundraiser/Bid Writer

We are looking for an experienced freelance Fundraiser/Bid Writer for a short-term mission to help us meeting our fundraising targets over the coming months.

Joining our strong team, you will support our current programme of work, focusing on attracting match funding for our existing projects, researching & writing bids around Junctures and our Un-Framed Think Tank.

You are also expected to look at our fundraising more strategically and advice us on a longer term funding approach, discussing future funding opportunities, particularly in terms of corporate funding/sponsorship, major donations & crowdfunding.

As 30 Bird’s work is expanding in the field of trans-disciplinarity and trans-culturalism, establishing new links with local Cambridge science organisations, we are looking for someone who has the confidence to step beyond the usual arts funding streams available & who could happily think outside the box.

Essential skills
• Proven success in both small and medium scale bids (up to £50’000).

• Excellent skills in building & sustaining relationships with funders.

• Good knowledge of funding landscape across Cambridgeshire, nationally and internationally.

• The successful candidate will have at least 3 years experience of working in a fundraising capacity, preferably within the arts.

The work is to be carried over a 3 months period, up until end of December 2017 with a possible extension.

Total freelance Fee: £2’000 including VAT; based on £125 daily fee; for a minimum of 8 funding applications to be submitted during the contract & the production of advisory funding documents (details to be agreed)

For more information and/or for an informal discussion please email Chris Cellier, Company Manager: chris@30bird.org

Closing date: 25 September 2017

To apply, please email your CV and a covering letter to: chris@30bird.org


If you’re interested in contemporary interdisciplinary & transcultural organisations and artists, come to our Think Tank evening:
UN-FRAMED @ the Junction, Cambridge, on the 17 Oct 17, 7.15pm
Be provoked, discover new work, and find out more about our Think Tank & the Junctures commissions.
More & booking online: https://www.junction.co.uk/un-framed
#Thinktank #Juncturescommissions

Selected Junctures Commissions


We have now made our final selection and we are delighted to announce our 3 Junctures Commissions:

**Rob Young & Prof Bernie Carter**

**Daniela Lopez & Edison Cajas**

**Zoi Dimitriou**

We are so much looking forward to working with you! Congratulations to all of you and thank you to our panel for helping us in the selection process.




Junctures Commissions deliberation

junctures Selection B&B (1 of 1)

junctures Selection (red)

junctures Selection (blue)

Deliberation time for our Junctures Commissions panel…Thanks for all the thought provoking presentations @ Toynbee Hall, London. Decision coming soon. #juncturescommissions

Junctures Commissions Shortlisted Applicants

We are very pleased to announce our shortlisted applicants for Junctures Commissions:

* Rob Young & Professor Bernie Carter
* Zoi Dimitriou &Takehiko Kariya
* Flora Bradwell & Chris Ilankovan
* Daniela Contreras López & Edison Cájas González
* Andrew Stooke & Wenjing Wang
* Anna Brownsted & Dr. Emily Stevenson, John Mead and Will Heasman
* Ellie Harrison & Xina Gooding Broderick

Fantastic applications! We will announce the final three commissions very shortly. Thank you also to all other applicants…

Junctures Commissions

Call Out

As recipients of the Arts Council Elevate fund, 30 Bird is delighted to offer three commissions to artists who are interested or already engaged in transcultural interdisciplinary performance.

We are seeking pairs or groups of collaborators from different disciplines with an idea for a live performance event. The call out is open to applications from any field but must include an artist and a practitioner from any other discipline (live sciences, landscape gardening, medicine, gastronomy, social sciences, education, architecture etc). Applications are welcome from the UK and from artists based outside the UK.

Working closely with 30 Bird, the successful teams will be offered a £2K commission, a week’s residency and the opportunity to research and develop an idea to be showcased at Junctures, an interdisciplinary event at the Cambridge Junction in March 2018.

Application is now closed. Thank you to all applicants!
Applications are currently being reviewed by a selection panel chaired by 30 Bird artistic director Mehrdad Seyf. Shortlisted applicants will be contacted soon and invited to do a presentation to the panel in early July.

Click here to watch Mehrdad talk about the commissions call out.

Click here to see video transcript.


We would love to hear from artists and their collaborators who:
• Demonstrate a passion for interdisciplinary work as process and outcome
• provide engaging, innovative and alternative ideas
• Demonstrate a commitment to work of a high standard
• Demonstrate a commitment to diversity and transcultural practice

What do we mean by interdisciplinary and transcultural?

By interdisciplinary performance we refer to work that emerges out of a dialogue between artists and practitioners from other disciplines, with both parties prepared to step outside their comfort zones in order to discover new contents and new forms.
The transcultural aspect of the call out puts emphasis on diversity, questioning binaries such as “black and white”, “disabled- non-disabled”, “developed – developing world” to mention a few. Instead we champion diversity in the context of work that is prepared to step outside those binaries and challenge disciplines that relegate “unfamiliar and uncomfortable” contents to a minority status.

Click here to watch a short film about Home in the Service of Science the most recent 30 Bird project in collaboration with public works, as part of an artistic residence at The MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology.


Home in the Service of Science at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology.  Photo: Neil Grant

LMB Scientist Danielle Mirsh: Fly Aromatics                                                                                                                                                       30 Bird and public work’s Home in the Service of Science   
Photo: Neil Grant




Junctures Commissions

Video Transcript

My name is Mehrdad Seyf, I am artistic director of 30 Bird and we are delighted to be able to offer three commissions to artists who are interested or already working in an interdisciplinary and trans-cultural context.

30 Bird is an interdisciplinary performance company based at Cambridge Junction. We have been one of the companies who’ve received the Elevate Fund, which is enabling us to offer these three commissions.

So what do we mean by interdisciplinary work? To begin with, interdisciplinary is not just about disciplines within the arts, it also includes disciplines outside the arts; sciences, social sciences, mathematics, law, anthropology, anything at all that’s outside the arts. The whole process and outcome of interdisciplinary work is based on a dialogue between the artist and interdisciplinary practitioners. It’s about people stepping out of their comfort zones and discovering new forms of performance out of this dialogue. We are not interested in people for example working with anthropologist and ending up creating a play, that’s not interdisciplinary for us. It needs to be something new something different. We kind of pride ourselves at 30 Bird that all our projects are always very different from each other, they are new.

The other aspect of this call out is trans-cultural or inter-cultural practice. Diversity has always been very very important to 30 Bird but what do we mean by that? First of all people who have new contents or have contents from different backgrounds, which don’t necessarily fit into given disciplines tend to be marginalised or categorised into these binaries; black or white or developed world and third world, and this applies to other categories as well, where it’s gender, whether it’s disability. And we’d like to work with artists, who are prepared to step outside these binaries so to speak, and, in collaboration with practitioners from other disciplines, are prepared to challenge these established forms, established disciplines and come up with new forms, new ways of performance.

The commission offers a grant of £2K, plus a one week residency at The Cambridge Junction and the opportunity to share some of the artists’ findings at an interdisciplinary event called Junctures, curated by 30 Bird at the Cambridge Junction in March 2018.

We look forward to reading your ideas and your applications. Please get in touch if you have any further questions.

Thank you